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My Story

Hair, Nails, Salon, Beauty, Manicure, Pedicures
My dream was to become a sole proprietor in the beauty industry.  I've been lucky enough to be living my dream since 1993.  My goal is to give my clients the self confidence they deserve.  To feel good inside and out.


Prior to starting my beauty career, I worked for industrial companies.  Beginning as a receptionist and working my way up to middle management.  I was doing well, but I felt something was missing.  I was working at just a "job" and not my "passion".  So I decided to go to Cosmetology school.  I knew the very first night at school that I was exactly where I belonged.  It was very exciting.  I worked full time during the day at my "job" and went to school three nights a week and Saturdays.  It was a long haul but very worth it for me.  It was and is still one of the best decisions I've ever made.


How my service works

First I will cover all the problems your hair may currently have.  I will advise the fastest way to cure these problems.  I'll determine what hair style best suits your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.  Together we will discuss which looks would best transform you into your most beautiful self.


Hair Color Analysis

I will determine the best hair color for you.  Professional color can actually improve the look and feel of your hair by 300%.  I'll give you a plan to make your color last as long as possible


Nail Care

If you are wanting healthy looking nails, I can guide you in the direction necessary to achieve this.  Whether its regular manicures or Shellac Manicures.  When your nails are healthy they naturally look beautiful.


Added Texture

If your hair is in need of more fullness and body I can analyze your hair to see if Perms are the answer for you, while keeping your hair in a healthy condition.   Or decide whether products alone would be the answer. 


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