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Hair, Nails, Beauty, Salon, Manicures, Pedicures

Hair products are salon quality only.  Coloring is professional Matrix colors and bleach.  Perms are non damaging with true to rod results. 

Hair, Nails, Pedicures, Manicures, Salon, Beauty

 All my nail products are formaldehyde free and toulene free to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.  I do NOT offer any acrylic/gel services.  Those products will greatly damage your nails and nail bed.

Precision Haircuts/Women       $50-up

                              Men              $33-up

                              Child             $25-up


 Styling (Curling Iron)           $30-up  


 Hair Coloring                     

(includes Haircut/Style)       $68-up


Highlighting (includes Cut/Style)

                    Foils                    $120-up

                    Cap                     $92-up


Perms (includes Cut/Style)         $100-up


Olaplex Treatment           $25

"I've been getting my hair colored from Doreen for 20 years and always walk out of her salon with a smile on my face"

Cynthia Books, Geneva IL

 Basic Manicure             $30



  Shellac Manicures        $44                        (Lasts 14 plus days)


 Pedicures - Basic Pedicure         $50

                   Glycolic Pedicure        $60

                   Hot Towel Pedicure     $58

                    Seasonal                    $65              (Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint,       

                 Tahitian Vanilla/Ginger)


 "Doreen's pedicures are to die for!  So relaxing.  I don't recognize my feet after she's done her magic!"

Jeanne Cummings, Winfield IL

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